You can only see so many wonderful pictures before you start making your own.

I started by volunteered as the photographer for two local theater companies and have also done a lot of work with model photography.  If people ask my how to get started in Photography I always say to volunteer!  I’m sure a local park, baseball team, or theater company would love your talents.  🙂

Pandora Productions - Pulp

My Mom has been after me for years to start doing artwork she can hang on her walls so I decided to just give flower photography a shot – and I found I really liked it!!  It doesn’t have the drama of the theater – but it certainly has it’s own appeal and challenges.

My Mom Airplane shot

Flower photography grew to include clouds, architecture and our furry kids (cats).

Stairway to Heaven - Clouds - Amazing Pictures by Michael Taggart Photography
Bedroom eyes - cats - Amazing Pictures by Michael Taggart Photography

I work with both the actual shot as well as the post processing to make something that is ‘different, unique, amazing’.  I don’t want ‘just another flower picture’.

I hope you like my work and let me know what you think!!

All the best – Michael

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  1. Your photography is superb, what an inspiration ! Flowers are among my favourite subjects in photography and your photos of them are simply wonderful. Have a great evening 🙂


      • hahaha…. because I am “black”, gloomy and looking for colors and cheer. (Maybe) that’s why I love to take colorful pictures. Follow your blog and waiting for your new photos 😉


  2. hey, mike!
    great work you have going here, sir!
    altho im a film user, i do use digital when im working in the streets….it helps me decide what i should capture on film…
    carry on the work…superb shots you have here!


    • Thank you so much!!!

      I love shooting digital because of the editing possibilities.

      I’ve always been in awe of you film guys – you gotta get it right with one shot!

      Have a wonderful day – Michael


      • aw, shucks, mike!
        it’s not that bad, really….ive been shooting film for well over 30 yrs now…and i must’ve wasted a lot of film with unwanted shots over those yrs!
        but, yes, i agree 100%…with film, especially if using 12 exposure medium format…and even worse, large format…you do have to check, double check and sometimes triple check before pressing that shiny button!
        that said, digital has its advantages, too…like instant results.
        in all the yrs ive been collecting, buying, selling and using film cameras, i can still honestly put hand on heart and say….the best camera there is…is the one you’re carrying right now! for its not the camera that makes the shot…it’s us…!


      • “.the best camera there is…is the one you’re carrying right now! for its not the camera that makes the shot…it’s us…!”

        That is so true!!

        That’s why I’m happy my phone camera is getting better and better. I don’t always have my big camera or even a pocket camera on me – but I always have my phone.


  3. Really imaginative shots! I too love flowers—nature as a whole, actually—and never tire of capturing what I find beautiful.
    Thank you for stopping by my place and following, and for sharing 🙂 Inspiration really IS everywhere!


  4. As some one who is also looking to achieve something more in their artwork than ‘just another flower picture’ I really liked your work. Thank you for dropping by my blog.


  5. Thank you for discovering my photography blog http://www.throughharoldslens.com. You gave me the opportunity to discover, explore and follow your blog. Hope we both enjoy our journeys. On behalf of the Through Harold’s Lens Creative Team, my trusty sidekick Mr. SLR Nikon, his brother Mr. Pen Pal and myself, we wish you the best. Harold


  6. I’ve been enjoying your images very much.

    Even though I have taught photography at the college level for thirty years, I totally agree about getting in the field and taking theatrical photos. All my daughters danced, and I’ve taken photos at every Nutcracker performance for fifteen years. Roughly 8 shows per year, that’s 120 shows. A thousand photos per show. Whew! And then there is the June Show, same thing.

    The speed, the changing light, planning the shot, keeping the hands and feet in the frame. It is the best education available.


    • I think dance would be even harder to photograph than regular theater! It sure gives you lots of practice on your timing!!!

      It’s great to hear from a fellow theater photographer!

      Have a great Sunday : )


  7. Thanks so much for your visiting my blog and the like 🙂 And I love your work! You cover all my favourite subjects and I love architecture especially modern…I made my first proper attempt at taking photos of chosen architecture not so long ago…I was pleasantly surprised by the results – beginners luck I suspect, but I did discover that you need to be a contortionist lol to get the kind of shots that look kinda ok lol I was hobbling around with a bad back for several weeks after this attempt!!! Anyway, I look forward to the pleasure of more of your clearly far more professional photography! Thanks for sharing 🙂


    • OMG – I so know what you mean!!!
      When shooting flowers it sometimes means you are down in the dirt shooting up – or balancing on something and trying not to fall into the flower bed as you get the shot.

      It’s fun but not for the faint of heart : )

      Thanks for stopping by!


  8. I am very pleased to offer you a Semper Fidelis Nomination/Award.
    The nomination is offered as token of appreciation. The award is earned by taking the time to show others the same appreciation and encouragement, by nominating and offering a specific dedication.
    For more information please see the post


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