Father Tree – Amazing Pictures Trees by Michael Taggart Photography

Father Tree - Trees - Amazing Pictures by Michael Taggart Photography

His feet were solid in the earth beneath me

His hair played in the stars above me

His skin was rough against my cheek

My arms circled him and I felt his strength

I saw his frozen drops of sweat

like diamonds in the moonlight

I breathed in his musty odor

Remembering a younger time

when nature was my second mother

He felt in my embrace

everything I longed to say

and like a kind old grandfather

aged by a hundred years of wind and rain

he pulled me in and gave me peace

I grew up next to a forest and I wrote this poem when I was about 14. I loved the ageless timeless feeling of the tall trees. No matter what was happening in my life they always seemed so peaceful.

When we went on the flower walk I saw this tree and totally fell in love with it. It had so much character – it almost looked like a Tree Ent from the Lord of the Rings novels.

Hope you like it and you have a peaceful weekend!

Prints and downloads on my website – Amazing Pictures by Michael Taggart Photography

51 thoughts on “Father Tree – Amazing Pictures Trees by Michael Taggart Photography

  1. I really like the poem and photo a lot!

    More of us need to view elderly humans in the way that we view old, majestic trees. We have been so conditioned – by advertising, etc. – to fear outward aging… that many of us have lost the ability to see the real beauty that the elderly have. 😉


  2. What a beautiful tree! JRR Tolkien would love it. 😀

    Thank you for visiting (and “liking”) Consortium of Defense Analysts. God bless you.


  3. Outstanding processing of a gorgeous equals, yes, and amazing image. Perfectly in keeping with that lovely poem you wrote so thoughtfully and artfully at such a young age! Great post.


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