Painting: 30 in 30 – Day 18


This is a painting based off my picture – This Little Light.

Patricia is doing 30 paintings in 30 days – and has some wonderful work! Be sure and check her out.

Awapara Art

I have been so busy painting, posting and working on the internet that I have neglected cleaning the house as I used to. This morning, the first thing I wanted to do was nothing but paint. However, after debating a bit with myself, I called my sister to free me of my chores (mentally that is LOL!!)

To my surprise, she encouraged me to stop thinking what I needed to do around the house and JUST DO IT!

While still on the phone with her, I washed some dishes from the night before (I know!!! I usually don’t leave anything on the sink! But I have not stop!! heehee) 😀  Anyway, when I least expected I was done cleaning the entire house!!! Well, more accurately, a 1,400 sq. ft. – one bedroom condo – Oh, and two bathrooms!

The point of this story is that I was using an old…

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